Sesame Street preps Stranger Things parody special Sharing Things

** WARNING: The following post contains minor spoilers for STRANGER THINGS Season 2 **

In addition to creating some of the best educational content for young minds on television and beyond, Sesame Street has been known to present hilariously adorable parodies related to notable franchises within pop culture like JURASSIC PARK, GAME OF THRONES, THE AVENGERS and STAR WARS. Most recently, the puppet-populated program released a teaser for their upcoming parody based on Netflix's STRANGER THINGS Season 2, entitled Sharing Things.

Our guide for the video is none other than Sesame's own Oscar the Grouch, who warns audience members that the following parody contains "trashy" spoilers for the newest season of The Duffer Brothers' sci-fi horror series. As the teaser continues, we find that Grover has been cast as Lucas and Ernie for the role of Dustin, while two generic Muppets portray Will and Mike. Each are dressed in Ghostbusters Halloween costumes, giving the parody some added flare of authenticity for both spooktacular sci-fi franchises.

As the teaser continues on, we meet a Muppet who acts as Max, STRANGER THINGS newest female lead and "zoomer" in the boy's real-life D & D party. Additionally, a giant felt octopus stands in for the new season's Mind Flayer threat, giving this parody a considerable "spook-factor" when compared to Sesame's previous efforts to convert adult entertainment into something people of all ages can enjoy.

The Sharing Things Sesame Street special is planned for a November 23rd debut. Meanwhile, you can stream Season 2 of STRANGER THINGS on Netflix right now.

Extra Tidbit: You want to talk about scary? What the hell has happened to Oscar's voice over the years? Could we not find anyone who sounds a bit more like the original monster? Yeesh!
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