Seven dwarfs will be reduced to two for Universal's The Huntsman


In the continuing saga of the sequel no one asked for, THE HUNTSMAN will lose more than Snow White and a director. It looks as if many of the dwarfs will be a no-show as well. Word on the street is that two will return, although it's kinda up in the air as to which ones. We do know that Nick Frost, Eddie Marsan and Toby Jones will not be reprising their roles this time around, whether it be due to scheduling or just plain disinterest.

At this point, The HUNTSMAN has little to do with Snow White and more to do with just trying to capitalize on some concepts in the first film that worked. When Frank Darabont was on board, I was actually excited because you knew he would make the film his own. And why not? Obviously there was something that he and Universal disagreed on, and the man has no qualms walking away from a situation he has no control over (good for him!). I'm all for giving up-and-comers a shot, but throwing Cedric Nicolas-Troyan into the director's chair doesn't exactly inspire confidence in filmgoers. Perhaps we're just not the market Universal is aiming for. I didn't hate SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN, but I'm not exactly itching to return to that universe either. Suffice it to say that it's going to take a lot to build some genuine interest in this flick.

THE HUNTSMAN is scheduled to hit theaters in April 22, 2016.

Say what you will about the film, but James Newton Howard killed it with the score!

Source: Deadline



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