Shannon is a Runaway

Recent Oscar nominee Michael Shannon is in negotiations to star in THE RUNAWAYS, the movie about Joan Jett's seminal 1970s rock band. Kirsten Stewart will be playing Jett and Dakota Fanning will play bandmate Cherie Curry. There's no word about what role it is Shannon will be playing, but its a safe bet that it's someone with a serious mental imbalance. That guy looks insane. REVOLUTIONARY ROAD was his break out role, but he was pretty damn good in BUG before that.

Michael Shannon scares me in the way that the Candyman scares me. I'm pretty sure he's nowhere near London right now, but all the same I don't want to say his name too many times in case his super sinister esp picks it up. He's got that deranged serial killer look that William Mapother has. Actually, you know what, this guy is awesome. Love Michael Shannon. Love him. Best actor ever.
Extra Tidbit: Remember Shannon as the white power dude in BAD BOYS II?
Source: THR



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