Shaolin Cowboy movie?

The Wachowskis briefly dabbled in the world of comic books with their label Burlyman Entertainment, and while the (now seemingly inert) company only published two original titles, one of them is apparently on its way to becoming a movie.

Artist Geoff Darrow is on tap to write and direct a feature based on his own bizarre book SHAOLIN COWBOY for production company Circle of Confusion (whose slate includes several other graphic novel adaptations like "Cryptozoo" and "The Psycho").

The absurd western-tinted series followed a deadly monk who, along with his talking mule, travels a bizarre post-apocalyptic landscape battling various gangs and scavengers, an intelligent martial artist crab, a tenacious shark and a gargantuan lizard-beast.

Darrow served as concept artist on all three of the Wachowskis' MATRIX movies, though he's perhaps best known among comic fans for his preposterously detailed line work, and "Hard Boiled," his ultraviolent collaboration with Frank Miller.

Burlyman's other main book was DOC FRANKENSTEIN, a sci-fi take on the classic story.

Extra Tidbit: Darrow and Miller's comic "Big Guy and Rusty the Boy Robot" was adapted into a 26-episode animated series, featuring the voice of R. Lee Ermey.
Source: Variety



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