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Talia Shire Talia Shire, who's been the ying to Rocky Balboa's yang since the beginning of the rollercoaster ride that is Rocky's life, recently spoke to USA Today about her exclusion from the currently-playing ROCKY BALBOA (the reason, which is mentioned in the below excerpt is a SPOILER so look away now if you'd rather not know) and her general thoughts on the film. Here's a little snippet of what she had to say:

Q: How did Sly prepare you for Adrian's death?

A: Sly showed me the script because he knew I'd lost my husband (producer Jack Schwartzman). When Jack was alive, he and I were producing movies, so I was doing much less acting and more development. I was aware of the possibility of Adrian (at one point) being in it and dying (on screen), but my being in the movie or not was not as interesting as how Sylvester was going to achieve this. Ultimately, I was wondering how in the world he was going to justify getting Rocky back into the ring.

Q: Does he?

A: Rocky is a folk hero. There was a great mythological aspect to the first one, and this film has that. I am so in his corner. Sly is so gifted, and the writing in this piece is courageous. It is Rocky's rebirth.

Get the rest of the interview HERE.

Extra Tidbit: Shire's real name is Talia Rose Coppola. She's Francis Ford Coppola's sister.
Source: USA Today



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