Short Circuit director

Pope Johnny 5

Another week, another remake of an 80s "classic", and lookie here - it's a robot movie! That's right boys and girls, Johnny 5 is making a 21st Century comeback. Where's Steve Guttenberg? Somebody get the Goot!

So 3 years after the rumors of a remake got serious, SHORT CIRCUIT finally signed itself a director in Steve Carr, who previously sent PAUL BLART to the mall. Is that a good thing? Well this probably is - the film is being written by Dan Milano, one of the Robot Chicken scribes and voices, and the brain behind one of my all time favorite shows Greg the Bunny. blah.

Unknown yet if the Goot and Fisher Stevens will be invited back in any capacity, but the plot does change a little, as the friendly 'bot will this time hook up with a sweet lonely kid from a broken family instead of Ally Sheedy. Plan seems to make this one into another franchise for Dimension Films, who's also currently trying to bring back SPY KIDS, SCREAM, HELLRAISER and a shitload of other films that don't necessarily need it. But that robot was cute, so what the heck!

Extra Tidbit: I wonder what The Goot is up tp these days. Wasn't he supposed to direct a POLICE ACADEMY remake?
Source: Variety



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