Short film The Raven gets a studio and maybe Mark Wahlberg

Seems like everyone who recently put together a quality short film has caught the eye of someone in Hollywood and got a sweet deal.

The sci-fi short THE RAVEN sounds like the latest success story -- Latino Review says the property has been grabbed by Universal, with Mark Wahlberg in talks to produce and star in the feature version. Go-to genre writer Justin Marks (HE-MAN, VOLTRON, GREEN ARROW SUPER MAX, etc.) is apparently tapping at the script.

You can check out the short below and find out more HERE. Filmmaker Ricardo de Montreuil shot it on the RED digital camera.The synopsis: Chris Black possesses a power that could lead to the destruction of the current regime, and they will stop at nothing to destroy him. The chase is on as Chris runs for his life in this sci-fi thriller set in an alternate and futuristic Los Angeles 

Extra Tidbit: There's a candid interview with Justin Marks right here. He was just as bummed about how STREET FIGHTER turned out as the rest of us.
Source: Latino Review



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