Simon Pegg says that the third installment of the Three Flavours Cornetto could come soon

First off, I'm sure you might be wondering, "What the hell is the Three Flavours Cornetto?" I'll tell you.

Most of us know that the series of movies directed by Edgar Wright and starring Simon Pegg and Nick Frost as "The Blood and Ice Cream Trilogy". Well, it isn't called that. When MTV posted the article with this story, Wright contacted the site to say this, "FYI - the actual trilogy title (unofficial or otherwise) is Three Flavours Cornetto. Fact! 'Blood and Ice Cream' is an Internet reduction that stuck. It's our tribute to [Polish filmmaker Krzysztof Kieślowski of 'Three Colors'] through ice cream." Blood and Ice Cream does have a ring to it though...

So far the Cornetto is made up of SHAUN OF THE DEAD and HOT FUZZ. When Pegg and Frost stopped by to speak with MTV about PAUL, Pegg also mentions that the conclusion to the trilogy (rumored to be titled, THE WORLD'S END) could come in 2012.

"Edgar has coughed up that ['Scott Pilgrim'] furball and we're now in the process of regurgitating ['Paul'], so Edgar and I are planning to get together in the next few months to start working on the next in the 'Blood and Ice Cream' series," Pegg added that he hopes his good pal Frost will be "more involved in the creation of that."

"We're hoping — hoping, fingers crossed — maybe next year would be a good time to make it, even release it," he said.

If the third installment doesn't come in the 2012 time frame, you can't rage out. Pegg warned, "We would like that in an ideal world, but it's not a fact, nor should it be disseminated as such. On the Internet, you have a lot to answer for!"

Extra Tidbit: Which film do you enjoy more: SHAUN OF THE DEAD or HOT FUZZ?
Source: MTV Movies Blog



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