Simpsonize yourself!

You've always wanted to be a guest star on "The Simpsons" right? I know I've always wanted to see what the animators would make me look like with yellow skin and an overbite. Now I don't need to be famous to guest star as I can just hit a few spots online to see what my "Simpsons" counterpart would look like. As part of promotions for the SIMPSONS movie you can turn yourself into a Springfieldian. You can either visit the official SIMPSONS movie site or head to the Burger King SIMPSONS site to try two different programs. I found the Burger King version to produce a better likeness and it allows you little more freedom over your character. That's probably because you need to provide a portrait of yourself that it bases part of the character on. JoBlo had one done that didn't look very JoBlo-ish but the above characterization of me is kinda close but not quite. I don't look quite that much like Chandler from "Friends" and that sweater isn't my apparel but you get the idea. Spend some time with it and it certainly can be some fun.

Source: Fox



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