Sin City 2 takes one step closer to actually happening, hires Oscar-winning writer

I always just assumed that SIN CITY 2 would be one of those projects like GHOSTBUSTERS 3 that we talk about some vague notion of progress on perpetually but nothing actually happens with. But woudln't you know it, there's some actual news to report regarding SIN CITY 2.

William Monahan, who won an Oscar for THE DEPARTED, has been brought on to rewrite a script written by series creator Frank Miller. It's still unclear what SIN CITY 2 would be about or what characters would return but Angelina Jolie has repeatedly stated her interest in a starring role as Ava, should the story follow the "A Dame to Kill For" storyline. Should that actually be the planned storyline, Mickey Rourke and Clive Owen would be involved.

Director Robert Rodriguez told MTV earlier this month that SIN CITY 2 had to "shoot this year," but whether that is some deadline set by Dimension or just the guy's own internal clock ticking remains to be seen.

We've been writing about SIN CITY 2 since 2005, back when the hot rumor was Rodriguez would shoot SIN CITY and THE MUMMY 3 back-to-back. Whether it actually happens this time around (and whether anyone still cares) remains to be seen.

Source: THR



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