Someone's gonna get hurt in the first CHiPs trailer

With no new JUMP STREET movie on the seeable horizon, other studios are looking to capitalize by doing their own over-the-top-raunchy-self-deprecating-satire-homage-meta-reboot comedy version of near forgotten TV shows. This summer we have BAYWATCH, but before that CHIPS will ride in at the end of March, and though that isn’t too far away we have the first trailer ready to go for your judging pleasure below!

I said judge! Now!

Sorry, got a little angry there. Any of you who have studied my past trailer reports and teach them at university know I don’t like to make grand conclusions about the movie based on the trailer. It’s just a compilation of scenes designed to get you excited and sold on the movie. On that note, I’m not sold on this movie. Writer/director/star Dax Shepard and Michael Pena look like they have a good chemistry, and it’s also nice to see the lovely Kristen Bell, well, in anything. But the main selling point of this movie is going to be the humor and I just didn’t find myself laughing at any of the penis jokes, or much of anything else. Here’s to hoping the movie is not as disappointing. Like I said though, it's hard to be sad when Bell is on screen...or Pena for that matter. Wasn't he delightful in ANT-MAN?

CHIPS is set for March 24.

Source: Warner Bros.



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