Something is wrong with Georgie from It in The Prodigy trailer

Man, Jackson Robert Scott can’t catch a break, can he? First, he played Georgie in IT and was promptly killed by Pennywise the Dancing Clown, and now he’s starring in THE PRODIGY as a boy possessed by some dark forces that will surely mess up his home life. The new trailer for the movie starring Taylor Schilling (ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK), finds Scott’s character, Miles, undergoing some sort of hypnotherapy, but as we all know, that only tends to piss off movie ghosts.

The trailer is a long, slow build-up meant to tease something unsettling, all before the finale featuring a mildly creepy little jump scare. I can’t say this looks like a movie that will join the pantheon of high-grossing horror movies we’ve seen of late, but this is only a small snippet of the film. I have been wrong before in judging movies like this based off a trailer (OUJIA: ORIGIN OF EVIL), so perhaps this will be a surprisingly spooky February treat.

Here is the plot synopsis:

Taylor Schilling stars in The Prodigy as Sarah, a mother whose young son Miles’ disturbing behavior signals that an evil, possibly supernatural force has overtaken him. Fearing for her family’s safety, Sarah must grapple with her maternal instinct to love and protect Miles in favor of investigating what – or who – is causing his dark turn. She is forced to look for answers in the past, taking the audience on a wild ride; one where the line between perception and reality remains blurry.

Directed by Nicholas McCarthy (THE PACT), the movie is written by Jeff Buhler (PET SEMATARY) and also stars Peter Mooney, Colm Feore and Brittany Allen.

THE PRODIGY hits theaters February 8, 2019.

Source: Orion Pictures
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