Sony seems intent on giving us Channing Tatum's Peter Pan origin story

Just last week we heard that Channing Tatum, writer Billy Ray (STATE OF PLAY), and producer Joe Roth (ALICE IN WONDERLAND), were shopping around a Peter Pan origin story called PAN (erroneously titled prior as PETER PAN BEGINS).

Though it seemed that the majority of our readers didn't exactly want to see Channing Tatum all tarted up as the immortal and effeminate boy wonder, a bidding war nevertheless commenced amongst the studios with Sony currently in negotiations to pick up the project.

The pitch for PAN was originally conceived by Tatum and his producing partners Reid Carolin and Eric Bromberg. Along with additional producer Palak Patel, the five further developed the idea, which re-envisions Peter Pan and Captain Hook as brothers.

So what do the studios see in the revitalization of another beloved fantasy tale? Most likely, a potential repeat of producer Joe Roth's success with last year's ALICE IN WONDERLAND. Which of course, is a great idea for people who like making money, and a terrible one for those who like good movies.
Extra Tidbit: Did HOOK teach us nothing?



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