Source Code to get a sequel minus Jake Gyllenhaal and Duncan Jones

Remember the 2011 time travel thriller SOURCE CODE? You know, the one with Jake Gyllenhaal and Vera Farmiga set aboard a Chicago train that keeps exploding, forcing Gyllenhaal to relive the event over and over until he can stop it? Yeah, the Duncan Jones directed movie was not quite as phenomenal as MOON but it was still an adequate little movie. Not one that ever seemed to warrant a sequel, yet here we are.

Variety reports that SOURCE CODE screenwriter Ben Ripley is penning a sequel that will feature neither Gyllenhaal or Duncan Jones but will fall under the leadership of Anna Foerster who will make her feature directorial debut after helming episodes of CRIMINAL MINDS, ARMY WIVES, and OUTLANDER. Foerster also served as director of photography or second unit director on films such as WHITE HOUSE DOWN, 10,000 BC, INDEPENDENCE DAY and many others.

SOURCE CODE was very well received by critics and grossed almost $150 million worldwide on a $32 million budget which led to talks of a potential television series in 2011. Since that fell through, it seems making a sequel is still a viable option. If any of the supporting cast return, it may be worth seeing. Otherwise, SOURCE CODE 2 sounds like a direct to DVD sequel of the likes at your local Redbox.

Source: Variety



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