Space Jam 2 finally happening with LeBron James and Justin Lin

space jam, michael jordan

Fans of the original SPACE JAM have been calling for a sequel to happen for a number of years. Rumors have often placed LeBron James as the most likely NBA superstar to command another squad in a game of intergalactic hoops, but to this point, nothing had come about from all that wishing and speculating. That is... until today.

Justin Lin is in talks to helm SPACE JAM 2 that would star LeBron James and a Who's Who of Looney Tunes in a follow-up to the nostalgic hit of 1996. Andrew Dodge and Alfredo Botello are set to pen the screenplay with the process described as being in the very early stages currently. However, you can bet there are eyes on the NBA calender, in order to carve out the best window possible for James to shoot that's far away from the basketball season or Cavs training camp. 

The first film had Michael Jordan at the center of its story, arguably the greatest NBA player of all-time and certainly of that moment, so it makes sense for SPACE JAM 2 to feature James, who is currently the best in the league right now (no disrespect to Steph Curry). Does that mean we could perhaps see both basketball icons share the court for whatever story is unearthed this time? Hmmm... We shall see.




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