Space looks beautiful but scary in these new photos and TV spot for Alfonso Cuaron's Gravity

Buzz continues to build for Alfonso Cuaron's GRAVITY with each positive review for the highly anticipated film, and for many it is the movie to see this fall. It looks fantastic and Sandra Bullock has received a lot of attention recently for her performance in the film. The Playlist has some new images from GRAVITY, including some behind-the-scenes photos featuring Cuaron. Several of the images are quite gorgeous and it really amazes me how realistic the CGI looks.

There's also a new television spot for GRAVITY, and it's just as intense as the other trailers and clips for the film. When a movie has a ton of hype there's always a chance it won't deliver, but in this case I really do think GRAVITY is going to be a very special film.

GRAVITY will be in theaters on October 4th, 2013.

Extra Tidbit: Alfonso Cuaron better not make me wait another seven years for his next film...



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