Spawn creator promises "dark, R-rated, scary, badass" adaptation

If there’s one superhero movie that has a lot of fans scratching their heads, it's the 90's SPAWN. I know a few people who think it’s fun and cool, and some who think it’s…whatever. Society seems to think it’s more the latter, as a sequel has yet to make its way to the big screen, with talks of a reboot never amounting to much.

However, now that superhero movies are the cat’s pajamas, a new take on the character is on its way and creator Todd McFarlane has assured fans it will be nothing like the 90’s flick. In fact, it will have zero association:

“It’s not going to be a continuation. It’s not going to be a sequel. It’s not going to be any of that.  Scrub the first movie. It was 20 years ago.”

As for how faithful it will stay to the source material:

“It’s going to be a dark, R-rated, scary, badass sort of script. It’s not a nice, polite PG-13 with ray guns…The world's going to be real, except for one thing that's going to move.”

McFarlane’s words make me happy inside, as the world of Spawn has always been on the darker side. In fact, I would say it’s so dark and violent that those are probably the two reasons we have never seen a good adaptation. The desire by studios to want to make everything PG-13, and therefore more accessible, practically makes it impossible to do the series justice.  But now that DEADPOOL has proved R-rated can make just as much money as, if not more than, PG-13 movies, it’s opened up a plethora of possibilities. As well, in the same interview McFarlane shared an image of Spawn that is absolutely haunting. Anything involving THAT Spawn and I'm down.

Check out the video below!

Source: Geeking Out



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