Spider-Man swings around on the 2017 release date calendar, too

Your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man is on the move, joining in on today's game of Musical Release Dates and finding a prime summer spot for his next solo affair.

After Disney did their fair share of shuffling with STAR WARS: EPISODE VIII and PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: DEAD MEN TELL NO TALES taking up new positions on the 2017 calendar, Sony did a bit of shifting itself, moving their new reboot of Spider-Man up from its July 28, 2017 release date into the July 7 date that was previously vacated by PIRATES 5. This sticks Spidey right smack in the middle of the summer as opposed to being toward the tail end where it has more opportunity to rake in more money over a long period of tim, which makes perfect sense given the fresh vacancy that someone else would have been bound to take had the web-slingers not been fired up quickly. 

That wasn't the only move that Sony made though, with their remake of JUMANJI also being repositioned, moving back seven months from December 25, 2016 to its new location on July 28, 2017, where Spider-Man has previously resided. Given that we still haven't heard much on the JUMANJI front, other than Jake Kasdan, at this point, they sure can use the extra time.

Source: Sony Pictures



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