Spielberg on the tube

G'damn. As if Spielbergo hasn't swamped himself with enough film projects lately, the man is now taking on the task of producing two more television shows in addition to the one that was already on his plate. You may recall when we told you about his reality competition show "On The Lot" back in the spring but this time Glocken-Spiel is going for hour-long dramas. The first is a series set in the fashion world based on an idea by Spielberg himself and written by married couple Ed Burns and Christy Turlington. The other show will be a more adventure-oriented affair about a couple of WWII-era physicists who discover how to "pinch" time and end up traveling between the 1940s and modern day in order to aid the war effort. Needless to say, they f*ck up the space-time continuum but, for added drama, one of them becomes romantically involved with a woman they enlist to help them adjust to culture shock in 2007. These projects seem to have some potential, especially the latter one, but what's the latest on all those upcoming movies you have planned, Spielburglar?

Extra Tidbit: Spielberg is close friends with Burns and Turlington and specifically sought them out for the fashion-oriented series. Burns co-starred in SAVING PRIVATE RYAN.
Source: Variety



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