SPOILERIFIC TV spots for Prometheus feature some epic coolness

In case the headline didn't give it away, there are SPOILERS galore in this article, so turn back now if you're trying to remain "unspoiled."  I will be discussing what you see here AND posting screencaps, so if you are in the League of I Want To Know Nothing, then step away now.

All good?  Okay then, let's get to it.  Two new TV spots from PROMETHEUS have popped up online and one of them features some new footage that shines a light on a new alien creature we have yet to see.  The creature in question is a tentacled beast that appears to be scrapping with one of the "engineers," while holding on to Noomi Repace's leg.

Take a peek if you dare:

So, there isn't much else I can say about PROMETHEUS other than I'm beyond excited for it.  I really feel like it has the potential to be something groundbreaking and new, given the tought, preparation, and insight that Ridley Scott and Damon Lindelof have contributed to its construction.  More than anything, I'm excited to see something I haven't seen before, which is a testament to the hunger for originality from fans, rather than the rehash of tired concepts. 

PROMETHEUS will land in just over two weeks on June 8, 2012. 

Extra Tidbit: The concept of creating new events, characters, and timelines surrounding other properties, while still thing them together is a concept I can get behind and I hope that a successful box office for Prometheus will lead to that trend, if even for a while, before that too gets tired. But, as it stands, I'm so ready for that. What say you?
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