Spotlight's Tom McCarthy to re-write live-action Christopher Robin movie

Much like with their Marvel and STAR WARS movies, Disney has been able to recruit some of the best directors and writers working in movies today. Their reach knows no bounds, and as proof they just nabbed Oscar-winning screenwriter Tom McCarthy to re-write one of their upcoming live-action films. The Mouse House always gets their way.

Empire got the scoop the SPOTLIGHT writer/director will re-write the script for Disney’s upcoming Winnie-the-Pooh movie, CHRISTOPHER ROBIN, which is still to be directed by Marc Forster. McCarthy is taking over scripting duties from Alex Perry Ross, who wrote the initial draft about an older version of Christopher Robin who has grown-up to live a life of mundaneness, filled with responsibilities and routine. That is until Pooh shows back up, seeking Robin so that he may help him find his friends, but along the way learns who he was really trying to find all along – himself. Pause for dramatic effect.

Capitalizing on nostalgia in numerous ways, CHRISTOPHER ROBIN is looking like a mashup of HOOK and Winnie-the-Pooh in a story reminding adults to remember how awesome their childhood was. It’s a smart idea, and it beats yet another story about Pooh getting stuck in a tree. McCarthy is a very thoughtful writer, and I think he can bring a real humanity to the script, turning it into something more than just goofy kids movie, much like the PETE'S DRAGON movie last year. In fact, just throw dragons in this movie too.

Source: Empire



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