Stallone confirms Harrison Ford has joined The Expendables 3 and Bruce Willis has dropped out

With THE EXPENDABLES 3 continuing to add to the already massive cast, there was bound to be some cast-members lost as well. We are sad to report that Bruce Willis will not be returning for the the third action extravaganza, but I think they found a suitable replacement. Sylvester Stallone posted this tweet earlier today:

Stallone also seems to be directing some animosity towards Bruce Willis with his follow up tweet, but does not specifically name the actor. Could there be a feud brewing? Willis has been getting some bad publicity lately due to a rude interview. I wonder what is up with the guy?

So, the rumors have turned out to be true and Ford joins the crew that already features Mel Gibson, Milla Jovovich, Jet Li, Jason Statham, Dolph Lundgren, Kellan Lutz, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Randy Couture, Nicolas Cage, Wesley Snipes, Jackie Chan, Terry Crews, and Steven Seagal.

Ford is already in the midst of a career comeback with ENDER'S GAME, a cameo in ANCHORMAN 2, and the inevitable return of Han Solo in STAR WARS: EPISODE VII. Add Indiana Jones to the big screen opposite Sylvester Stallone for the first time and you have one hell of movie.

THE EXPENDABLES 3 is slated to open August 15, 2014.

Extra Tidbit: I just hope it is more than a mere cameo.
Source: Twitter



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