Step right up for the new poster round-up: Prometheus, Resident Evil, The Campaign, and more!

Prometheus international banner

PROMETHEUS picks up a misleading and much-photoshopped international banner, THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN reveals a new IMAX-specific poster, TAKEN 2 finds itself a poster version of the nice big quad we saw a few weeks ago, THE CAMPAGIN dishes out two very serious character posters, and RESIDENT EVIL: RETRIBUTION revels in an Alice In Wonderland reference. The weird thing is how from far away it looks like Milla Jovovich's character of Alice is walking on water, but at the same time it's not considering that she is basically being sold as the sole savior of the movie's broken world.

PROMETHEUS is currently in theaters everywhere.
THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN releases tomorrow.
TAKEN 2 comes for you October 5th.
THE CAMPAIGN stumps for your vote August 10th.
And RESIDENT EVIL: RETRIBUTION hopes you adventure into wasteland on September 14th.

The Amazing Spider-Man IMAX poster 2

Taken 2 poster 3 small

The Campaign Ferrell poster small

The Campaign Galifianakis poster small

Resident Evil: Retribution wasteland banner small

Extra Tidbit: The big head in PROMETHEUS reminds me a lot of the broken four-toed foot on the island in LOST. If you've seen both I think you'll know what I mean without my having to spoil it for those who have yet to see the film/show.



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