Stephen Amell set to join Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 as Casey Jones

Did the upcoming sequel to TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES suddenly get better? Possibly. According to Variety, Arrow star Stephen Amell has just signed on for the role of the ass kickin' wise crackin' Casey Jones. Half a dozen actors were tested over the weekend but by the end, Amell was the clear standout thanks in part to his chemistry with Megan Fox.

The character of Casey Jones first popped up in the comics as a violent vigilante who later teams up with the turtles and serves as a romantic interest to April O' Neil. He typically wears a hockey mask and uses all manner of sports equipment to inflict pain on the scum of the streets.

Stephen Amell will join Megan Fox and Will Arnett, who are so far the only returning cast members, in the sequel which finds EARTH TO ECHO director Dave Green replacing Jonathan Liebesman from the first film. Production is expected to get underway next month for a June 3, 2015 release.

"The class is Pain 101. Your instructor is Casey Jones."

Despite giving it every chance, TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES did absolutely nothing for me. I know some people didn't think it was all that bad but to me it felt like every other hastily assembled CG-filled blockbuster out there and contained none of the magic that I associated with the turtles I grew up with. Could a sequel fix those mistakes? Casting Stephen Amell as Casey Jones is a good step towards that end.

Is Stephen Amell a good fit for Casey Jones?

Source: Variety



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