Steve Coogan & Rob Brydon's impressions return in first Trip to Spain clip

THE TRIP series is one of those small English nuggets that offers a delightful treat to those lucky enough to stumble upon it. THE TRIP and THE TRIP TO ITALY star Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon as fictionalized versions of themselves as they go around tasting delicious foods in scenic locales, and we the audience get to sit in while they converse about life’s intricacies, and compare impressions of famous stars like Michael Caine. This time around they’re heading to Spain for THE TRIP TO SPAIN, and this first clip shows the two lunching on delectable food while Brydon regales Coogan with a Mick Jagger story, and the impressions bloom from there.

Have a bite!

These movies are great for anyone who enjoys watching two smart, funny chaps talking over great food. Okay that may not be the most attractive way to sell it, and sure there's more to these movies than that, but where they shine is in the casual, insightful and often hysterical conversations had over a meal. Much like the first two TRIPS, this one will air as a TV show in the UK before it’s combined into a film and distributed to other audiences. The release date is still a mystery, but if we’re going off ITALY’s release expect a January date, with it being expanded as a film some months later. In the meanwhile, enjoy the two spouting off yet more Caine impressions in ITALY, this time taking from THE DARK KNIGHT RISES.

Source: Sky Atlantic



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