Still need confirmation that Arrested Development is really happening? Here is a picture to prove it

Arrested Development lineup

Jason Batemen is a pretty swell guy for keeping fans of "Arrested Development" in the loop and up to date, having spoken about the show's journey extensively and treated us to a tweet from the writing room a few weeks ago.  And it looks as though he's going to continue keeping those of us eagerly following the resurrection of "Arrested Development" involved, as he has tweeted a new picture that was taken just yesterday (the very first day of filming).

Not only is this happening, it's actually happening RIGHT.  NOW.  Not necessarily as I type this, because I strongly doubt they're shooting at 4:54 in the morning.  But soon.  Later today.  In just a few hours.  In the general sense of "now."  Speaking of "now," I'm done now.

Stay tune for further "Arrested Development" updates, including the chance to win a Frozen Banana and have it mailed by me straight to your doorstep.

Arrested Development first day tweet

"First day. Away we go..."

Extra Tidbit: There's a fair chance that part of my last sentence there was not, in fact, true. Then again, crazier promotions have been done...
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