Strangers 2 a go

One of the best and most underrated horror films I saw last year was THE STRANGERS, the chilling tale of a couple being stalked in their remote home by a trio of masked psychopaths. The quiet, understated film struck all the right notes, and left all the excruciating details to the imagination (I can't believe we didn't see their faces!). Apparently THE STRANGERS: PART 2 is set to begin filming in September with music video director Laurent Briet set to direct, replacing the original film's director Bryan Bertino. It' not yet known whether or not Liv Tyler will resume her role in the sequel, but since rumours abound that the film will take place in trailer park, we doubt it. Unless her character is so damaged from the happenings of the first film that she's unable to hold a job or function as a productive member of society. Not that there's anything wrong with living in a trailer park.

Extra Tidbit: What was your most underrated movie of 2008?
Source: Variety



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