Sundance star and third Olsen sister Elizabeth cast in Red Lights

So today I learned, like many of you are about to, that there is a THIRD Olsen sister outside of Mary Kate and Ashley, one who wasn't run through the ringer of childhood stardom, and therefore might actually have a career ahead of her.

She's recently been getting incredibly good buzz for her debut in MARTHA MARCY MAY MARLENE where she plays a girl trying to get her life back together after escaping an abusive cult. The attention has landed her a part in a much bigger project, RED LIGHTS from BURIED director Rodrigo Cortes. From THR:

Olsen joins the previously cast Robert De Niro, Sigourney Weaver and Cillian Murphy in what she describes as a “thriller about paranormal activity.” A psychology junkie, Olsen sparked to the project after “reading script after script after script.”

“Robert plays a world renowned psychic and Sigourney is a psychology professor, and I play her student,” says Olsen. “Cillian Murphy is my love interest, though that’s not a huge part of the story.”

A good cast, and it sounds intriguing, despite De Niro's recent poor career decisions. MARTHA MARCY sounds interesting as well, and I've got to figure out some way to see that for myself so I can find out what this new Olsen is all about.

Extra Tidbit: And she's cute! (don't worry, she's 21).
Source: THR



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