Supes goes Matrix?

Super Matrix

With that recent lawsuit forcing WB to come up with a new Superman project by 2011, the studio is apparently in full-panic mode and the title is again sizzling-hot with top priority status. The folks from IESB, usually pretty much on the dot regarding explosive rumors, spent their post-Comic Con week grilling everyone they could about it, and it comes down to this: Singer's out, Routh's not a given, and a short list of directors is being strongly considered.

Sitting on top of the pile? The guys who knocked us on our ass with that red pill 10 years ago, the Wachowski Brothers Siblings. Right after them is their frequent collaborator James McTiegue, whose upcoming NINJA ASSASSIN produced by the...whatever they call themselves, is touted as one sick action flick. So  chances are all 3 will be involved, 2 producing and the other helming.

Of course some will point out last year's money-sinking SPEED RACER or the two over-indulgent MATRIX sequels, but fact remains those guys know their comics, they kick-ass visually, and in 1999 they completely shattered the limits of what can be done with an action flick. Which is exactly what Clark Kent needs at this point: in-your-face stinking action galore! Those 3 guys unleashed on Big Blue? That would definitely be the motherfriggin shot in the arm the franchise deserves!

Of course right now it's still just a rumor, but one from a usually reliable site. Besides, WB can't afford to lose any more time, so ladies and gents start your predictions, because we're bound to get something solid soon! Who'll be the big guy? Who'll be the villain? Who will wait in line to see that? Get the full story over at IESB.

     Superman on rough times...

Extra Tidbit: I say THIS GUY should get the part!
Source: IESB



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