Sylvester Stallone and Robert De Niro have busted up faces on the set of Grudge Match

Is GRUDGE MATCH a good thing for Sylvester Stallone and Robert De Niro? Putting two actors together who have played iconic boxing roles before is certainly a good idea. Not to mention that these guys are legendary in their own right. However, one must wonder what this has to say about De Niro at this point in his career? Stallone is badass and all, but he's not quite as box office worthy as he once was. Plus, De Niro hasn't been in those quality roles that we are used to, with the recent exception of SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK. How well did COP LAND do back in 1997? Anyway, I digress...

A photo of the pair were found on Twitter this evening. Look at them, all beat to hell in the prime of their lives. I hope this works out for the both of them. Stallone is always doing what he does best, and De Niro is in serious need of a turnaround. The actors play retired boxers going against one another. Kevin Hart is playing the fight promoter that puts the whole thing together. Peter Segal (GET SMART) will direct the script from Doug Ellin (GET SMART).

Source: Twitter/Film



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