Sylvester Stallone announces that filming on Rambo 5 will soon begin

In 2008, '80s action superstar Sylvester Stallone delivered one of the best and bloodiest chapters of his famed RAMBO franchise to date, and very soon, he'll be returning to the character for yet another sequel to the brawn, bullets, and brain matter-spattering franchise. As a way of teasing John Rambo's next mission, Stallone recently posted a photo from the 2008 RAMBO film to his official Instagram account, along with the word that principal photography for RAMBO V has begun.

You can view the post for yourself below:


Starting soon and getting very excited ... The world may be changing but not him. NOTHING IS OVER!

A post shared by Sly Stallone (@officialslystallone) on Sep 9, 2018 at 10:06pm PDT

The RAMBO franchise first burst onto the scene in 1982 with FIRST BLOOD, a film directed by Ted Kotcheff, co-written by Stallone, and based on David Morrell's 1972 novel of the same name. Throughout the years, the RAMBO film series has documented the life and times of a tortured and ruthless Vietnam veteran who continuously finds his way into missions where he must rely on his combat and survival skills to see that justice prevails.

With the fourth and final sequel to the EXPENDABLES franchise on hold, Stallone has focused his sights on bringing fans another chapter of John Rambo's exploits. As expected, Stallone will direct and co-write the script for RAMBO V with producer Avi Lerner.

Are you down for another adventure courtesy of John Rambo? Should this be the last time that Stallone portrays the sneer-lipped, bowie knife-wielding badass? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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