Sylvester Stallone & Jackie Chan will team for action film Ex-Baghdad

Think you’ve seen the most kickass action movie ever? Do FURY ROAD and JOHN WICK mark the high-point in modern action for ya? If you answered yes to either of these questions then prepare to eat those words with a side of your own teeth, because the most spectacular action flick is officially on its way to smack us in the face, courtesy of two of the best to ever do it: Jackie Chan and Sylvester Stallone.

Deadline got the exclusive that the two will work together for the first time in the upcoming film EX-BAGHDAD, a Chinese production with a reported $80 million budget. Said budget is apparently one of the largest in all of Chinese film history, and word is this was the movie that Stallone was supposedly keen on doing most after he left EXPENDABLES 4.

Set to be directed by Scott Waugh (NEED FOR SPEED, ACT OF VALOR), BAGHDAD is about a Chinese private security contractor (Chan) who is called in to extract oil workers from a refinery after it’s attacked in Mosul, Iraq.  He then learns of the attackers plans to steal a fortune in oil, a solstices the help of a former marine (Stallone) to help save the day and the glorious oil.

Even if the story doesn’t get you the prospect of seeing these beat up some bad guys together is a dream come true for action fans. Stallone worked with another Chinese action legend, Jet Li, in his EXPENDABLES movies, but people were dying to know if Chan would ever get involved in the films. But now the two will have their own adventure together, which could easily be franchised out if it does well, which of course it will.

Source: Deadline



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