Take a peek at the R-rated action in Act of Valor with this featurette

ACT OF VALOR opens this Friday and if you're still on the fence or not sure if it's your bag, try this new featurette on for size. It showcases the R-rated nature of the film, complete with profanity and bloody headshots, which typically make up some of the more integral ingredients for a good action flick.

Take a look:

Not bad, eh?  As a vet I'm already sold on ACT OF VALOR.  As a schmoe I'm a little nervous about the performances.  Navy SEALS are masterful warriors when it comes to doing what they're trained to do, but I'm pretty sure they aren't attending acting classes at the Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute.  I'm always hoping for an accurate portrayal of active duty servicemembers and with this one my chief concern is the performances.  In terms of tactics, I have no doubts.

For a real-life Navy SEALS' perspective on how SEALS have been portrayed throughout the years, check out this link.  It's really interesting to hear what he has to say, especially about the Charlie Sheen character in 1990's NAVY SEALS:

“I’m here to tell you Charlie Sheen would not have made it through training,” he says. “You couldn’t depend on him. He was a loose cannon.”

Check out the link to find out what he has to say about other SEAL related movies, like UNDER SIEGE and THE ABYSS.

ACT OF VALOR opens fire this Friday, February 24th. 

Extra Tidbit: Shout out to all military service member and veteran schmoes!
Source: IGN



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