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Kenneth Branagh has been rounding up his principal actors for his feature version of Marvel's THOR, but what about the story?

Cinefools talked with the project's co-rewriter Ashley Miller, who's been tinkering with the draft along with his "Fringe" and "Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles" partner Zack Stentz. The duo are reworking the previous script (by I AM LEGEND writer Mark Protosevich), which was set entirely in Asgard and during the Viking era.

That won't be the case with the latest script, as Miller explains: "We definitely wrote with the bigger story in mind, or at least the bigger universe. Our script is very firmly rooted in the Marvel film world. We were constantly looking for ways to connect Thor to the other movies and heroes, even if they were simply in passing. Part of grounding Thor in the world is grounding him in the specific, fictional world he inhabits. How many of those references and connections make it to the final product are beyond our control, but they are everywhere."

See what else he has to say about the character's limitations and the comic tales they used for reference RIGHT HERE.

Meanwhile, British actor Tom Hiddleston spoke to the UK's Daily Mail about playing Thor's devious relative. "Loki's like a comic book version of Edmund in 'King Lear', but nastier," Hiddleston said, stating that his version would be "lean and hungry". "Loki's skilled in black magic and scorcery. He's a shape-shifter and has all sorts of super powers from the dark arts. He can turn clouds into dragons, things like that."

Extra Tidbit: Marvel's Thor weighs 640 pounds. Thor loves the Hostess Fruit Pies, y'know.
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