TDK Today!

The Today Show has landed a DARK KNIGHT exclusive, where their boy Al Roker heads to Gotham City a.k.a the Chicago set of THE DARK KNIGHT to take a peek at the shooting festivities and to talk Batman with Chris Bale, Chris Nolan, and Aaron Eckhart, who gives us the Harvey Dent lowdown in case you didn’t know. There’s some cool footage of Batman speaking to Lucius Fox (Morgan Freeman) and you get a pretty good look at the new suit. Also, check out the picture they cut to when Heath Ledger’s name is mentioned—it’s a fan-made mock up of him as the Joker that was on the net long before the first official photo was released. Check out the video BELOW, and I don’t have to tell you when THE DARK KNIGHT is being released, because if you don’t know now, you will soon.

Extra Tidbit: At the end of THE DARK KNIGHT, it is revealed that Harvey Dent is actually the Joker.
Source: NBCYouTube



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