The adaptation of comic book Area 52 will be one louder

Producer Lorenzo di Boniventura knows a commercially viable property when he gets his mitts on it -- after all, this is the guy who helped bring TRANSFORMERS and G.I. JOE to life on the big screen.

Now di Boniventura and Summit are planning to adapt the comic AREA 52 into a live-action feature. The Image Comics miniseries follows a group of soldiers guarding a remote military storage facility where unique items and artifacts are kept (things like alien weaponry, Thor's hammer, and the Ark of the Covenant). When a lethal extraterrestrial escapes containment, the team of misfits must use the crated objects on hand to defeat it.

The comic, written by Brian Haberlin, was published in 2001 and the property has been kicking around Hollywood for years (even before the Syfy Channel used a very similar premise for their ongoing series "Warehouse 13").

Summit and di Boniventura also worked together adapting Warren Ellis' comic RED into a rather silly Bruce Willis movie.

Extra Tidbit: Di Boniventura is also pushing his luck when it comes to adapting properties by trying to make movies based on the classic ASTEROIDS and SPACE INVADERS videogames.
Source: Deadline



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