The Bat Cave and new characters revealed in first Gotham Season 2 teasers

Many of you did not like Gotham's first season. As the person who revieweed all of those episodes, I did see a glimmer of quality that exists but was often squandered to make connections back to the various villains from the pages of DC Comics. With season two subtitled "Rise of the Villains", I am not sure if it is going to be any different. Still, these first teasers of footage from the new run looks promising.

In the first, Jim Gordon is still on his crusade to clean up Gotham City but now has to contend with Oswald Cobblepot who has risen to power in the city's underworld. We also get quick looks at James Frain's character as well as Edward Nygma, the proto-Joker character Jerome, Mr. Zsasz, and several more. The brief tease doesn't reveal too much but it does look like showrunner Bruno Heller is focusing more on character development rather than forced Batman villain references.

The second teaser is a bit more blunt as it picks up from the scene in the finale of season one when Bruce Wayne and Alfred discovered a secret passage in Wayne Manor. This teaser simply shows them finding a stairwell that leads to a door locked with a keypad. The Gothic looking door can clearly only lead one place but I doubt that they will be calling it the Bat Cave. I am still not a fan of how they are developing Bruce Wayne, but I am still willing to give them some rope to see if they hang themselves with it.

Gotham, despite fan criticism, was one of the higher rated new series last season, so I would anticipate that it will finish a complete second season. The new episodes debut on FOX Monday, September 21st.

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