The Cannes Wrap-Up

My first year at the Cannes Film Festival has come and gone with the blink of an eye, if that! What seems like a big blur now consisted of two exciting, whirlwind weeks of hustling to get into films, cool interviews, celeb bashes and sleepless nights spent working. In hindsight, having survived my first grand festival on my own has made the stressful moments worth every minute of this priceless experience. Moreover, other than missing a couple of films because of super long cues governed by colored, hierarchical press badges, I saw some very cool films, most of which I truly enjoyed.

Looking back on this year’s film premieres, I would have to say that I was blown away by U23D’s new high tech film as well as enjoying SICKO, A MIGHTY HEART, and OCEAN’S 13. My first walkout ever was on THE TERROR’S ADVOCATE, which bored me to tears. I can’t say I disliked any films greatly, as each is its own creative work of art. Although I appreciated the visual direction of MY BLUEBERRY NIGHTS and GO GO TALES, I found the former to be long and boring, and the latter to be jumbled. As expected, PARANOID PARK proved to be an award-winning piece, while the Coen brothers resurged with their much-anticipated no country for old men. Last but not least, Dreamworks’ launch of THE BEE MOVIE and New Line’s launch of THE GOLDEN COMPASS left me speechless and amazed.

That’s all for this year’s Cannes . With that, I bid a sad adieu to la vie en rose in the magnificent Cote D'Azur and leave you with a wrap-up of all the sights and sounds of the 2007 Cannes Film Festival!

Pictures from the strip

Bee Movie in Cannes

Cannes movie pictures


Interview with Wong Kar Wai

Interview with Michael Moore

Interview with director of U2 3D


The Golden Compass in Cannes

The Photo Gallery!!!

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