The Coolest Collectibles from the Con! (Comic Con 2016)

San Diego Comic-Con is no doubt filled with everything cool and geeky, from creators, artists, filmmakers, panels, art, screenings, cosplayers and the big show of Hall H. But, beyond all of that, the convention floor has, in my opinion, the absolute best aspect of Comic-Con; the collectibles. Figures, statues, apparel, replicas, and so much more, it's a smorgasbord of shelf-space stealing goods, from high-end stuff you likely can't afford to instant-buy toys that are ready to go home and gather dust with the rest of your collection. As a massive toy nerd, it is pure heaven, and I love every second of it (So much so, that you can look forward to and/or dread my upcoming unboxing show coming here soon).

All that said, it was near impossible to narrow down all the cool stuff this year down to a modest number, so I've packed a lot of stuff in here to marvel (and DC) over. In terms of who "won" the collectible show, I leave that to you, as everyone has different likes/dislikes as well as go-to collectibles they simply can't deny. One thing was for sure this year; if you were a fan of Deadpool or Harley Quinn then you had more than enough to choose from, but that didn't stop the love for fan favorites like Batman, Superman, The Punisher, Captain America, and TONS of genre and little-known favorites. Without a doubt, there's something here fo everyone, so get your eyeballs (and pocketbook) ready to ogle the next thing to sit on your shelf.

*Note: Most of this is in a psuedo alphabetical order by character or franchise to make it a little easier to scroll through and find your favorites. Featured items here are from companies like Sideshow Collectibles, Hot Toys, Mezco Toys, Brick Brigade, Gentle Giant, Diamond Select, NECA, and more. Hit me in the comments if you struggle to locate one and I'll do my best to assist in what/where it came from. Enjoy the goods!

Source: JoBlo.com



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