The Descent director Neil Marshall wants to make a WWII movie with aliens

Looking at Neil Marshall's filmography (DOG SOLDIERS, DOOMSDAY, THE DESCENT, CENTURION), it's pretty obvious he's interested in mixing genre elements into something of his own.

He's currently working on swirling troops with extraterrestrials, as he tells Live For Films. Details on the project aren't yet known -- in fact, Marshall only spills that it's "a WWII alien invasion movie" and that he just came up with the idea a couple of weeks ago.

(I wonder if it's an evolution of his project EAGLE'S NEST, which he previously described as a DIE HARD-style WWII movie about German paratroopers trying to extract a captured Nazi leader from a Scottish castle. Would still like to see that from the filmmaker, with or without violent otherworldly invaders.)

Marshall also says he's "chasing about twelve different projects", which could be anything from his supper-club horror movie UNDERGROUND to the various Hollywood movies currently lacking a director (ahem, THE WOLVERINE). He's also producing actor/writer/director wife Axelle Carolyn's supernatural thriller THE HAUNTED.

Extra Tidbit: Marshall was once attached to direct the vehicular action thriller DRIVE starring Hugh Jackman, which now has Ryan Gosling directed by Nicolas Winding Refn (BRONSON).
Source: Live for Films



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