The Expendables pass along their 4th of July wishes

Expendables 2 gold banner

With a mid-August release date swiftly looming, THE EXPENDABLES 2 is surely not going to miss out on any chance to promote itself. And what better way to celebrate guns and guerrilla tactics than with the 4th of July? As such, Coming Soon recently received an EXPENDABLES 2 cigar in the mail, complete with the following message:


As we celebrate our nation's independence this 4th of July, we thought you might want to take a moment, over a cigar, to contemplate what makes the perfect American summer movie.

Perhaps it's the presence of a true, classic American hero (or a dirty dozen of them). The Expendables 2 harkens back to a time when our heroes were flesh and blood - putting their lives on the line for a cause, taking on impossible odds, and relying on sheer guts, skill and a refusal to quit.

In theaters everywhere on August 17th, we hope you won't miss this red-blooded American classic.


The Expendables"

Is it wrong of me to find the use of "comrade" funny and ironic? I know that they were going for the military correlation of the word, yet as soon as I saw that word I couldn't help but to hear the whole note read in a thick, stereotypical Russian dialect.  And I'm pretty sure that any sort of connection to the Soviet Union is as far from the mind of The Expendables as is the idea of retreat, so hopefully they don't come and kill me in my sleep now.

The Expendables 2 cigar

Extra Tidbit: For what opportunity would you smoke Stallone's cigar, if any? And no, I don't mean an actual cigar...
Source: Coming Soon



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