The first official still from the Coen brothers True Grit shows Jeff Bridges and his eyepatch

There's not been much news from the Coen's version of TRUE GRIT.

It started off with a few notes on casting, but otherwise the brothers Coen have quietly been hard at work. The film is due out in December, a week after TRON: LEGACY releases. Bridges is the gift that keeps on giving. The undoubted awesomness that is TRON: LEGACY on the 17th, then for Christmas, TRUE GRIT.

The first official still from the film shows newcomer Hailee Steinfeld as Mattie Ross and Bridges as the rugged eyepatch wearing Rooster Cogburn. The Coens always do great work and it will be interesting to see their take on the original novel from 1968 by Charles Portis. Apparently, this film will be closer to the book than the film from 1969 starring John Wayne as Cogburn.

Extra Tidbit: Is there any actor that would be a current comparison to John Wayne?
Source: MTV Movies Blog



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