The New Mutants almost added a scene with Jon Hamm as Mister Sinister

As Fox's THE NEW MUTANTS continues to limp through the trials and tribulations of its production cycle, a new and intriguing report courtesy of The Tracking Board has possibly revealed more of the drama surrounding the X-Men spinoff. Before we press on, I must insist that you to take the following information with a grain of salt, as much what's being reported has come from an anonymous source.

If you're not already aware, director Josh Boone's THE NEW MUTANTS has had its share of troubles while making the journey to the big screen. Not long ago, the movie was delayed until February 2019, and earlier this week, rather quietly, it was delayed again until August 2019. While this is sure to rattle a few cages, it's not uncommon for big-budget films to undergo significant release shifts, particularly if there are larger plans for the film in play. With this being the case, it's been suggested that some of the New Mutants drama can be linked back to the film receiving a myriad of script changes. According to TTB's source, the original script penned by Josh Boone and Knate Lee has been torn apart and re-assembled by large team of contributors. How large, you ask? Well, if TTB's report is accurate: Scott Neustadter & Michael Weber, Josh Zetumer, Chad & Carey Hayes and Seth Grahame-Smith have each played a part in the film's re-writing process, "plus there were six more guys in a writer’s room tasked with generating ideas for the film."

Why all the re-writes, though? Well, TTB's source would have you believe that it's partly due to the stellar box office performance of Andy Muschietti's IT movie. Apparently, Fox was unsure about the horror elements of Boone's original script, so they had him augment the film in ways that would better suit the project's PG-13 rating. After much toil, the film was essentially re-worked to be more YA-friendly. Then, after seeing Pennywise dance his way up the box office charts, the studio decided it would be best to allow Boone to re-work the movie into something more akin to his original idea. Yup. 

Additionally, the source also told the outlet that Boone's original script included a post-credits sequence that saw Jon Hamm stepping into the role of the iconic Marvel villain, Mister Sinister. You can read the report for yourself below:

"Meanwhile, remember the Essex Corporation that was teased at the end of X-Men: Apocalypse? Well not only was New Mutants going to feature that mysterious company, but The Tracking Board has learned that Jon Hamm was originally going to appear as Mr. Sinister in a tag at the end of New Mutants, and Boone filmed material that led up to that reveal, only for Fox to change their minds after shooting had been completed. Now it’ll be Antonio Banderas playing an unspecified villain (one who isn’t expected to be Mr. Sinister) in the New Mutants tag."

Whoa. That's a big change when held up against what Boone originally had planned, though it sure would make for an interesting turn in Fox's X-Men universe. With Hamm out of the picture, we now know that THE EXPENDABLES 3 actor Antonio Banderas is reportedly stepping onto the film as an entirely different villain who will appear in the post-credits sting. Furthermore, the report also suggests that the Marvel comic book character Warlock was originally set to appear in the film, though the studio dropped his part after deeming him too expensive to include. The reason for this is that Warlock would assuredly be an all-CGI character, which costs a lot of money to produce.

For now, we'll just have to wait and see what else will befall THE NEW MUTANTS before (and if) it's ever released in theaters. Personally, I'm hoping to see this project win out, as I'd like to see Fox diversify their mutant line by breaking the wash-rinse-repeat cycle of the Hollywood superhero formula.

What do you think about all the hullabaloo surrounding THE NEW MUTANTS? Are you still excited to check the film out after all this malarky? Let us know in the comments section below.




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