The Pratt and Downey Jr. bromance was strong on the set of Infinity War

Since the start of his MCU journey with 2008's IRON MAN, Robert Downey Jr. has been viewed as something of a patriarch to his Marvel co-stars, seeing as he's been on-board from the first sparks of the studio's cinematic universe. Most recently, while on the set of Marvel's latest adventure, AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR, Star-Lord actor Chris Pratt discovered just how welcoming Downey can be, and how great it is to share a kindred synergy with another seasoned actor.

While speaking with Empire about the Iron Man actor, the PARKS AND RECREATION alum opened up to the entertainment outlet about his endearing experience with Marvel's Tony Stark.

"Man, he set a really amazing tone [on set]. He's a bit like Tony Stark himself," Pratt suggested "I think a lot of what makes Tony Stark are the same qualities that make Downey great. I think Downey is about as rich as Tony Stark now. He really takes care of the actors around him in a way I've never seen before."

While we already know that, in the past, Downey has gone out of his way to lend himself to charitable causes (such as Omaze and organizing unique fan meet-up events), it sure feels good to know that his courtesy extends to those he shares a screen with as well.

As Pratt continued to sing Downey's praises to Empire, he told the entertainment outlet the following: "I was a little under the weather and pushing really hard on the days I was working. He [Downey] came up to me and said, 'You doing alright?' I said, 'Yeah, I've got a little sore throat.' Within ten minutes there was a person here giving me all these herbs and taking care of me," Pratt said. "He offered me the use of his trailer where I could sit down and use some of his hi-tech healing gadgets. It was amazing. I'm living my best life."

Whoa. Hi-tech healing gadgets, you say? What do you all think Downey's got in the trailer of his? A sensory-deprivation tank? Maybe the Zenvo ST1 of massage chairs? I can only imagine.

"When I first arrived in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Downey was the first to call and tell me, 'Hey man, welcome. If there's anything you need, I will help. There are so few people on the planet who are going through what you're going through right now. I have, so I'm here. I'll always answer the phone,'" Pratt told Empire.

D'awww, I'm gettin' all misty eyed over here, you guys. I want Robert Downey Jr.'s phone number, so that I can call him whenever I'm feeling overwhelemd. What? I'm sure he'd be fine with it. Pssh, like you'd know.

Lastly, Pratt explained to Empire that, through his relationship with Downey, he now feels the need to pass on Downey's good will to whomever arrives next as a part of Marvel's MCU. "I feel completely empowered to pay it forward with Tom [Holland] or Chadwick [Boseman]. I'm not saying that I'm senior to them, other than I got that experience of opening a movie with Marvel and being along for the ride," Pratt said. "Now I just really feel compelled to offer them, even if it's a fraction of what Downey was able to offer me, and just say, 'Anything you need, you let me know.'"

You can witness the magic of Pratt and Downey's on-going bromance when AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR arrives in theaters on April 27th.

Source: Empire



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