The premiere of Sherlock Series 3 has been bumped into late 2013 or early 2014

Sherlock - Watson and Sherlock

This is one of those pieces of information that has equal reason to be filed under both "good news" and "immensely frustrating news" - the premiere of The BBC's "Sherlock Series 3" has been delayed into late 2013 or early 2014 because stars Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman are having a spot of trouble juggling their commitment to the series with their burgeoning film careers. What was once a January 2013 start date for filming is now a March (or possibly even later, I'd imagine) 2013 start date, and given that PBS must wait until The BBC's initial airing has run its course folks on this side of the pond will have to wait even longer to see what's next for Holmes and Watson.

So on the one hand, Cumberbatch and Freeman are becoming ever more successful and popular, which in turn means that we'll see them in more films. Which is good. I'm definitely a fan of that. On the other hand, "Sherlock" is bloody brilliant and I want to watch more of it right now. But as we can't have what are rumored to be the final three episodes just yet (or anytime soon), I'll leave you with showrunner Steven Moffat's tease for Season 3: the three key words for the three episodes that will comprise the third series are Rat, Wedding, and Bow.

Stay tune for further updates, and if you really feel the need to direct your ire somewhere? I'd say that Peter Jackson and THE HOBBIT: THE DESOLATION OF SMAUG might be a good place to start, as they start back up with filming in January.

Sherlock - Adler and Sherlock

Lara Pulver's turn as Irene Adler was... em, well.. let's just say I was definitely a fan of that too.

Extra Tidbit: Anyone out there watch "Elementary"? How is it?
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