The Rock uses a badass flamethrower on set of Jumanji sequel

I mean, the headline sort of says it all right? So without further ado, here's a video of The Rock using a badass flamethrower on the set of the JUMANJI sequel:

Now, like many kids of the '90s, I'm pretty iffy on the prospect of a sequel to JUMANJI. Having seen the film again recently, it's surprising how well it (and especially its effects) hold up. I mean, I have no doubt (well, maybe a little) that the filmmakers and cast want to be respectful to the original Robin Williams film, but nothing that's come out so far has wowed me yet.

However, The Rock with a flamethrower comes pretty damn close. I ran the calculations, and I've found that it's scientifically proven to be "rad as hell". So there's that at least. Who knows? Maybe this sequel will actually be great.

Either way, JUMAJI will suck you in July 28th, 2017

So any other fans of the original. And if so, what do you guys think?

Extra Tidbit: This will be the first time The Rock has worn a flamethrower, but he's used a giant minigun in both G.I. JOE: RETRIBUTION and FURIOUS 7.
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