The Russos have a blunt response to Deadpool's spoiler letter

Back in April directors Joe and Anthony Russo put out a little letter asking those who see AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR to not spoil it for the rest of the world (a request that seemingly fell on deaf ears). Well, it didn’t take long for Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) to mock said letter, putting out one of his own that told folks not to spoil DEADPOOL 2…in his own way, of course. Now the Russo’s have clapped back, and with a blunt mic-drop of a response.

The brothers' Twitter account posted today a picture of Thanos’ gauntlet (the one used in the letter picture) with the middle finger defiantly extended with the simple caption – “Boom…” Can someone please direct me to a GIF of teens reacting to a rap battle?

You can check out Reynolds’ original post below, which asks fans who see the movie to not spoil the part where Deadpool dies, or where they reveal KFC’s 11 herbs and spices.

Go see AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR now, and then stop seeing it and go see DEADPOOL 2 on May 18.



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