The Shadow falls on Fox, but Sam Raimi wants David Slade to direct?

Sam Raimi has been trying to make a movie of pulp character THE SHADOW for ages (the closest he ever got was DARKMAN), but now the vigilante is finally getting ready to cloud men's minds and then shoot them.

The project is no longer at Sony, where Raimi found a considerable slice of success with another series called SPIDER-MAN. But now his schedule is clear of the wall-crawler, and Latino Review says that Raimi is going great guns on the flick over at Fox, who is paying big bucks for the opportunity (and likely seeking a franchise that doesn't end up sucking).

Latino also says that Raimi is sticking to the producer chair, and wants to get David Slade to direct. Raimi gave Slade his first big genre shot when he put him behind the camera for 30 DAYS OF NIGHT (for which Raimi also famously paid a princely sum).

Though it will undoubtedly receive a rewrite, Raimi supposedly flipped for a recent draft of the script, described as a hard-R action flick. The pistol-packing pulp character, who appeared on old-timey radio, in serials and over 300 novels, was last seen on screen in 1994 with Alec Baldwin wearing the hat and scarf.

Extra Tidbit: The Shadow's initial success prompted plenty of copycats like The Spider: Master of Men, another “wealthy, young man-about-town” who in reality was a crimebuster. Betcha that guy will be getting his own movie too...
Source: Latino Review



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