Update: The Spider-Man actor shortlist includes Asa Butterfield and more

Update: Take this with a grain of salt but Latino-Review is reporting that Asa Butterfield has emerged as the front-runner for the role of Spidey. Latino-Review's sources tell them that "Marvel had liked him since day one." We'll keep you updated but what do you folks think of the possibility of Asa Butterfield stepping into the shoes of Spider-Man?

While I'm still admittedly a little bummed that Andrew Garfield won't get another chance to play ol' web-head, I'm very excited that this new Spider-Man will actually be of an appropriate age to attend high school. Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield were both great, but not once did I believe they were high school students; maybe they got held back a lot. Yes I know, it's Hollywood and thirty year olds play teenagers all the time but I've always wanted to see an actual teenager play Spider-Man.

The Wrap revealed five young actors who are under consideration for the role and they include Asa Butterfield (HUGO), Nat Wolff (THE FAULT IN OUR STARS), Tom Holland (THE IMPOSSIBLE), Timothee Chalamet (INTERSTELLAR), and Liam James (THE WAY, WAY BACK), among others. Those of you who can't place the names to the faces can find them in that order in the photo above.

As we all know, Spider-Man is will make his first MCU appearance in CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR. The Captain America sequel is set to begin shooting next week, although whomever ends up with the role of Spider-Man won't be needed on set until June. Obviously both Marvel and Sony want to make sure that they cast the perfect candidate as the actor won't just be popping up in CIVIL WAR, but in future Marvel flicks as well as his own solo Spider-Man films.

The casting process is still in the preliminary stages and The Wrap makes it clear that none of these actors have actually received test offers yet but that "multiple sources have confirmed they are strong contenders." The offers should go out within the next week and a decision should follow in 2-3 weeks. Exciting times, but keep in mind that while one of these actors could definitely end up throwing on the Spidey suit, it could just as easily turn out to be someone whose name we haven't heard yet.

Which of these actors do you see as Spider-Man?

Source: The Wrap



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