The story comes to an end in the Paradise Lost 3 trailer

Whole lot of trailers hitting today, but none for a film as serious as this one. 

The West Memphis Three are finally free, but at one helluva cost. In case you've somehow missed the case, it concerns three teenagers who were accused of a horrific series of murders in their small town and put away without any evidence of any kind, just allegedly forced confessions. They were tried and conviced in 1994 and spent 18 years in jail till finally being freed in August by pleading guilty. That's a nice way to ruin three young men's lives and not have to owe them anything.

The third PARADISE LOST film is on the shortlist for Best Documentary next year, and seeks to tell the whole story from beginning to end. Note that there are also two more films in production right now about the whole thing. Peter Jackson and Fran Walsh (who actually funded an investigation into the murders that helped reoopen the case) have their own documentary on the way called WEST OF MEMPHIS, and there's also Atom Egoyan's DEVIL'S KNOT feature film, based on the book of the same name.

For more info on what the West Memphis Three has been up to since their release, check out this depressing article.

Source: HBO



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